We all know how to get kicked out of Walmart. It seems fun at first but it gets boring after a while. You need a new place to get kicked out of. The Museum of Discovery!

  1. You will need: Clay, Go to an place called The Amazing You! and locate the sneezing exhibit. This exhibit has kids with a door you open and water sprays you. You will then take out your clay and roll it so that it is small enough to fit in the hole where the water sprays. You will take this clay and jam it in the hole to where the clay blocks all the water. For best results, use a toothpick to push the clay further into the hole. The water will never spray out again! The workers will have to fix it!
  2. You will need: A hammer, Locate Tornado Alley on the bottom floor. You will then take the hammer and smash the TV. Now nobody can use the TV that is needed to use the exhibit. While you're at it, go to the exhibit where you get to be on the news and smash everything there too. Anything that has a TV can be smashed.
  3. You will need: A can of soda, Obtain a can of soda from your house and bring it to the Mueseum of Discovery. Since there are no food or drinks allowed there, You have to do this without being caught. Now locate the place where you get to make a tornado or the place where you can make smoke rings, the tornado exhibit is black with bars holding the ceiling up. The smoke ring exhibit is black with a hole in the middle. Go there and pour your soda in either the bottom portion of the exhibit if you are at the tornado exhibit or the hole for the smoke ring exhibit. For best results, pour it in the center. It will never make another tornado/smoke ring again!
  4. You will need: A crowbar, Go to the exhibit where black discs rotate on a silver platform like wheels. Pry off the silver platform with the crowbar and run. The workers will have to get a new platform!
  5. You will need: A scary mask, This one is simple! Hide somewhere where nobody can see you. When a little kid comes through, scare him/her. Extra points if the kid cries!
  6. You will need: chalk, If you come at the right time, Tinker Studio should be open. Use the chalk to write a funny message onto the mini blackboard. The people coming by will see it!