This is a story about a blog . Do I need to EX plain? Get it? It Yo EX! 

We're going to a cabin in calico! I'm so exited! We're packing up to go!  Timmy is having a tantrum because he cannot bring his great danged rat toy

We are almost halfway there and Timmy is excited to see the cabin! Right now he is pounding on my iPad because he had "a million iron ingots" (witch is only about 26). He was lost in minecraft and was trying to get back home then he fell in water, the water washed him away into a pit of lava. I told him that there will be more iron but he is still mad. The iPad just broke. He is helping us pay for the iPad.

We are here! And the cabin is TINY! Timmy didn't like it but he got used to it. The cabin is called fish tales (wooo). Timmy is looking in the box for toys. He pulled out Apple and was playing with her. Timmy is getting homesick and we forgot the iPad charger and it has 6% battery left. It is 2 o clock and we just realized that... Uh oh. WE FORGOT CHEESE!!! Cheese is Timmy's favorite toy. He wants his dad to get cheese but he can't. When he realized cheese was missing he drank 2 liters of alcohol so he could not drive. He is right next to my bed and has a chain saw that is not on and he is yelling "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" Over and over again. Later on he drew a drawing of him beating the life out of a small white bunny with another slightly bigger brown bunny with its head cut off and blood pouring out of the dead corpse with its intestines ripped out. It also had writing saying GIVE ME CHEESE OR I WILL KILL YOU!!! It's close to midnight and I saw a pentagram made of ketchup with a small white bunny toy in the middle of the pentagram. With a silver sharp knife laying next to it with a note written in red ink saying GIVE ME CHEESE. Along with it were pictures of dead white bunnies.